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Through Continental 1031, we provide clients access to 1031 exchange services supported by Exchange Manager ProSM, the patented 1031 exchange workflow technology, and one of the nation’s leading Qualified Intermediaries.  Clients leveraging Continental 1031 as the Qualified Intermediary for their 1031 Exchanges benefit from a seamless and transparent transaction by keeping more of their real estate transactions under the same roof.

  • In-House Coordination: We help coordinate the 1031 exchange through our team, reducing friction and increasing efficiencies.

  • Software Workflow: Patented 1031 software, Exchange Manager ProSM, keeps clients and advisors informed of transaction timelines, funds available, and other pertinent information throughout the 1031 exchange.

  • 1031 Exchange Expertise: Continental 1031 provides access to Subject Matter Expert Attorneys and Certified Exchange Specialist (CES).

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